Arthur’s Review from Yelp

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐    Mar 9, 2018

I was looking to hire a realtor following the death of my mother and having to put her house up for sale while in execution of her trust wishes. I am a Yelper and believe in good customer service so my search began here looking at the top realtors who served the Rowland Heights area and know how to market to the very specific demographic who desire to live in that area. I chose three of the top ten recommended agents to interview and set it up for one day that I was going to be at the house and could meet with all three.

Jennifer Lee was my first interview, she was on time, dressed professionally and was prepared with data that showed where the market was for the area and what struck me immediately was how friendly, well spoken and attentive she was when I explained what I was looking for in an agent.
I met with the other appointments who were prepared in a similar way but lacked that human touch that I sensed from Jennifer. One of the agents sent her team and she did not bother to show up to our appointment, can I mention her name here (Cheri Wang) so I dismissed her and her team immediately. I called her, not her team!

When my interviews were over, I was in a quandary deciding between Jennifer Lee and one other agent. Their personalities were different where Jennifer was the outgoing super friendly agent and the other, while also prepared, was all business and did not have that charisma that Jennifer possessed. I learned a lot from the interviews and so many more questions came up that I did not even think to ask Jennifer as to how she would handle these particular situations should they come up. Jennifer was at a disadvantage by being my first interview and since this was new to me, I missed out on asking some very important questions and how she would resolve these issues. I called Jennifer and explained where I was in the process and I felt she did not have the full advantage by being the first interview of the day. I had my list of questions that I had compiled through out the day and we finished our interview over the phone in an effort to be fare to both agents I was considering. She had great response to the follow up questions that I had for her.

I slept on it and in the morning I felt that I had my answer. I called Jennifer when I got to work and told her that I was going to hire her and discussed the terms of a contract. I told her that I did not mind paying a 6% commission but my expectation was for 6% worth of her efforts, she did not disappoint. Her marketing plan was amazingly good and hit the key points of the demographic market I was trying to reach. I was thinking about things I needed to get done, like the termite inspection, home inspection, and appraisal. Not to worry, as I was thinking about these things, she was already handling them and I was getting the reports via email as the process progressed. As part of her 6% commission, she had her stagers take care of the house and had professional photography to highlight the homes features. All of the documents that I needed to sign were done via Docu-Sign so it was so simple to just log on and complete the documentation with out having to make appointments. Jennifer stuck to the marketing plan and had the house ready to show on the weekend. She and her team did a superb job and when the open house was finished, she gave prospective buyers until noon on the following Wednesday to have their offers in. She had the house marketed at the right price to set the interest in the community and had a tremendous showing at the open house over that weekend. The marketing plan was a success, we got eight offers from the open house and one offer that came later. Only one offer was below the asking price, one was at the asking price and all the others were over asking. We settled on an offer that was $32k over the asking price. Jennifer handled all the negotiations with expertise and once both parties agreed on some minor stuff, the house was in escrow. Jennifer constantly kept in touch with updates and the progress of the escrow. She was there for the home inspection and appraisal and did her job like a professional. The escrow went so fast that the buyers were itching to move in so I agreed to close escrow early for them and Jennifer handled it for me.

I do my due diligence when I am undertaking any project and I start on Yelp to look at my choices. I think I made some good choices of people to interview but in the end, Jennifer stood out, I immediately noticed that her personality would be exactly what I was looking for in addition to her professional attributes, attention to detail and her work ethic. She and her team worked very hard and never procrastinated thinking there was a tomorrow. I am a professional person and I have very high standards and expectations when hiring someone to do a job for me. Jennifer Lee and her team not only met but exceeded my expectations. She will always have my recommendation.